The chairman of the ADC board spoke at the CCS briefing about the activities of the center and the development of Almaty


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Today, as part of the briefing of the Central Communications Service, the Chairman of the Board of the Almaty City Development Center, Zhanna Tulegenova, spoke about the activities of the center and the directions of Almaty city development.

Zhanna Tulegenova shared the results of her work in the Smart Almaty direction. In her speech, she emphasized the important role of citizens in the implementation of projects. «Support for the city's residents is a key factor in the success of the reforms and any changes aimed at improving. In our activities we are guided by the basic principle of openness of power, strong business and active participation of citizens.»

In accordance with the «Safe City» concept, an automatic road safety system is already functioning in Almaty. The camera records violations, the account (penalty) is sent to the address of the intruder, excluding contact with police officers, reducing the corruption factor. According to Zh. Tuletenova, the system covers 104 intersections (about 640 cameras). Since 2012, Automated Information System «Road Safety» has recorded almost 2 million traffic violations worth 28.6 billion tenge. Zh. Tulegenova stressed that in the first year of implementation the collection of fines was about 30%, and in two years rose to 60%, which indicates the consciousness of the citizens. It is planned to expand the coverage area of the system to an additional 152 intersections of the city (944 cameras).

In addition to road safety, work is under way to ensure the safety of public places. In 2017, it is planned to install an additional 1,000 cameras for the video monitoring system of mass gathering places of citizens and to modernize the situation center of operational management of the Internal Intelligence Agency.

During her report, Zhanna Tulegenova paid special attention to the issues of «smart transport«, in particular, the introduction of the electronic ticketing system «OIA". According to her, more than 1 million citizens started using the card in almost a year, about 144 million transactions worth more than 8.3 billion tenge were made.

In addition, a one-time payment has been introduced, the balance of the card via the Internet (including the financial portals of banks -19 banks) and SMS is introduced, and the payment of travel via SMS is made.

«Thanks to the transport payment card, it was possible to obtain data for budget planning not only for carriers, but also for the family budgets of citizens,» Zh. Tulegenova said.

In addition, the transport holding Almaty operates a situation center, which allows you to track the actual number of buses on the route and form reports on traffic violations.

As part of the transport reform, dedicated public transport lanes, have been introduced in Almaty, where the control system is being piloted. In just 3 weeks of October, more than 24,000 were recorded at 4 intersections (Abay-Baytursynov, Rayymbek-Utegen Batyr, Abay-Sain, Abay-Rozybakiyev) more than 250 million tenge.

In her speech, the Chairman of the Board of the ADC also noted the successful launch of paid parking. Today, the system covers 5% of the planned number of parking spaces. In 4 months, 250,000 have already been produced. payments worth 20 million tenge. For comparison, traditional parking lots (2.5 thousand parking spaces) brought to the budget in 2015 only 50 million tenge. By the end of 2016, it is planned to launch 56 street-road parking lots and 10 parking spaces (up to 5,000 parking spaces).  

In the utility sector, the next-generation ‘smart meters’ project, developed using Long Range Wireless Area Network (LoRaWan) technology, is being piloted. This project will automate the collection of indicators of water-, —electricity and-heat of resources through wireless data transmission. «The network of the new generation is 10 times cheaper than its existing counterparts,» - Summed up Zh.V. Tulegenova. Now 4 transmission stations have been installed at the expense of the investor (Kok-Tube, Al-Farabi - Rozybakiyeva, Momyshuly - Akan Sary, Almaty 1). «By the end of the year it is planned to cover the entire city with the network,» she added.

In addition, the Almaty Development Centre is doing a great deal of work in monitoring the provision of public services at the local level. Thus, this year work has been carried out to improve the most sought-after 30 state services. The time and number of procedures have been reduced by 1.5 times, the cost of costs has been reduced by 10%. These and other reforms allowed Kazakhstan to rise in the Ranking of Doing Business, which is estimated on the basis of Almaty, by 16 positions.