The Almaty City Development Centre conducted a study of the quality of services provided by the city's international airport



The Almaty City Development Center conducted a study of the quality of services provided by the city's international airport.
The study examined the quality of services provided at the passenger check-in desk, passport control service, reference airport, tourist information center, food points.
The study was carried out using the SERVQUAL method. This method of measuring the quality of services is based on measuring consumer expectations about the quality of service and consumers' perception of the quality of the services actually provided. This method involves the use of consumer questionnaires on a specially designed questionnaire.
As part of the study, 210 questionnaires were distributed. Filled correctly and returned 147 people or 70%; 63 people or 30% refused to fill or incorrectly filled out.
«According to the results of the study, it was found that the lowest rates were found in the reference and tourist information center, the highest rates were found in the service of passengers by food stations located on the airport grounds,» said Zhanna Tulegenova, Chair of the Board of the Center.
In all departments studied, the level of quality of services provided is negatively expressed. This shows the dissatisfaction of passengers with the quality of services provided: their expectations are not justified in reality, which in turn forms a negative perception about the overall service of the airport as a whole. This figure is minus 2.5 points. Such indicators show that the financial support of the airport, the ability of employees to be responsive, reliable, confident in the service of passengers and at the same time to sympathize with their problems and strive to solve them, need to be improved, in order to exceed the expectations of passengers with the help of really high-quality service throughout the airport.
At the same time, it is noted that in the power points passengers noted positive indicators on responsiveness and reliability of employees serving passengers. These figures are the only positive ones among all the data collected.
Recall that the «Almaty City Development Center» conducted a comprehensive study of the level of hospitality of 106 catering facilities, and the 84 placements of the city of Almaty, which were successfully selected within the framework of the Partnership Program. Objects were evaluated in 6 directions (meeting, identifying needs, communication and sales, dealing with conflicts and objections, farewell and general observations). The final grade was assigned to 4 levels of customer focus - excellent, good, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory. The study was carried out using the Mystery Shopper method, followed by filling out the questionnaire and putting points, by continuous sampling.