ТурБренд Алматы

The Almaty City Development Center (Centre) informs that it is the copyright holder of the Almaty Tourism Brand (Symbol of Tourist Almaty), owned by the Center on the basis of the Certificate of State Registration of Copyright Rights (007636) of March 18, 2017 No. 462.
Reference: In accordance with the Law of 10 June 1996, Copyright and Related Rights, the author or other rights holder owns (exceptional) rights to use the work in any form and in any way.
JSC «Almaty City Development Centre» approved the Rules for the Temporary Transfer of Non-Exclusive Property Rights to Intangible Assets of the Centre. The rules have established the procedure and conditions for the transfer of non-exclusive property rights to Almaty's Tourist Brand.

To obtain the right to use the Almaty Tourist Brand, individual or legal persons, it is necessary to:

  1. To apply for participation in the competition for the temporary transfer of rights with all necessary documents;
  2. To pay the one-time payment to participate in the competition. The Brand Tariffs are listed in the Regulations;

Reference: Under the existing legislation of the Kazakhstan, the author or other rights holder is entitled to remuneration for each use of a work whose size and structure is determined by the copyright.

  1. The Competitive Commission reviews the application and decides on the winner of the competition for the transfer of rights to the tourist brand;
  2. The winner of the competition concludes a copyright agreement with the JSC «Almaty City Development Centre«.

By the current copyright legislation, wishing to use the Tourist Brand of the Almaty, a copyright contract for the temporary transfer of non-exclusive property rights must be concluded. For all questions concerning the use of the Tourist Brand of Almaty, call +7 727 313 29 89 (BN. 117), Urbanist Centre.